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A Music Publishing Company with a name you can't forget!

Welcome to Rockamagula Music! Rockamagula Music has been in existence since 1999. One of  our objectives is to keep the 'retro' sound of Classic Rock & Roll music alive! But the focus of our interest at Rockamagula Music is the song. The kind of song that gets into your head - the kind that has a melody and lyric you can remember, and you cannot help but to keep singing it after you've heard it . In the USA they called it Power Pop, or Pop/Rock or just Classic Rock n' Roll . In Europe and Asia they call it Melodic Rock, or AOR. You can call it whatever you like, we hope you just like it!


Music is much bigger than Rock & Roll...

Rockamagula Music isn't just all about Rock... Music has a very wide spectrum of genres and sub-genres. There are good songs in all of those genres. So while we have Rock in our name, that is not what we are all about. It is always about the song.




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The Sound track to your life...

So if it's that old time Rock & Roll, R&B, Pop,  Folk, Americana, Dance, even a little New Age Jazz: we have it in our catalog. Music is like the colors on our palette, and our songs are the soundtrack to your life, enjoy!


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